Testimonials from a few of our participants:

I worked hard this year on my macro photography but really was not satisfied with where I was at and I just could not figure out what I needed to do. I recalled attending Roger Trentham’s class last year at Wilderness Wildlife Week and admiring his style of photography. I reached out to Roger and discussed with him what I would like to accomplish. I knew in order to improve I had to be open to being challenged and I asked Roger to be honest with me. He was. His approach to showing and telling me where I was going wrong was spot on. He opened my eyes to considering and implementing a more artistic perspective. My wife will tell you that I can be stubborn and Roger was really patient in reminding me to take the time to properly prepare the shot. For anyone looking to take their photography to the next level, this is the class for you.
John P.
I had such a great time at the workshop this weekend! I not only learned a lot, I made some wonderful new friends. It will be fun to stay in touch with all of you and see some of your great photos. To Tyson Smith, Kathy Gheesling Smith, Jerry Whaley and Roger Trentham….you guys are THE BEST! You all went out of the way to make sure we all had personalized instructions and attention. All the location shoots were excellent! Thanks for all you did and for having me in the class.
Teresa H.
The workshop was a first for me. I will admit I was apprehensive and nervous because I am a true beginner. I was not sure of the skill levels of anyone I would share the weekend with. I almost backed out but my husband continued to encourage me. I am so glad he did! I met new friends. Visited places I had never been before. And learned new things!! It didn’t matter that I was just a beginner or worlds apart from other skill levels. The instruction was fabulous. I will say that Roger, Jerry, Tyson and Kathy are wonderful teachers! During our workshop they would most often leave their own equipment in the car so they could help us with our own cameras. I am looking forward to the next workshop opportunity to work with them all again! Thank you
Debbie E.
It was indeed a wonderful workshop! The weather and lighting was perfect and the instructors willingly gave individualized attention to each participant that wanted and needed help with the camera and the settings. Thanks to all four of you!
Jane B.
I’ve been shooting for a long time and this work shop definitely took my skill level to the next step up, great teachers, great advice, great time, I highly recommend it to anyone who likes photography.
John S.