Milky Way in the Smokies

Light Painting – Townsend TN

January 12, 2019

9 am – 5 pm

limited to 10 participants

Digital cameras and Photoshop have provided photographers the ability to use some new methods of lighting for landscapes and still-life objects. Light painting allows a photographer to either wash a light source, or several light sources, over a subject in one long exposure, or to light a subject from many angles with multiple short exposures and then combine those exposures into one.

The method used depends on the ambient light and other circumstances. Join us as we spend a day exploring several ways to use light painting to expand your use of electronic flash and LED lighting sources in conjunction with ambient light to create unique photographic images. Jerry Whaley & Tyson Smith will provide examples and demonstrate the software techniques that enable this new approach to lighting.

We will meet in Townsend from 9 am to 5 pm with a break for lunch. If you bring your camera and laptop computer, you will have the opportunity to do some basic light painting captures and image processing in Photoshop. You will leave the workshop with an introduction to the process of light painting that will enable you to take the technique and use it to create your own unique images with lighting that is effective, but a bit different and unique.


Class is limited to 10 participants, so book your spot soon!