Hummingbird photography
Hummingbird Photography Workshop

Hummingbird Photography Workshop

May 11 – June 30, 2019

Would you like to get your own stunning photographs of ruby throated hummingbirds?  Here is your opportunity to photograph these beautiful and fast birds using a multi-flash setup, without buying any equipment.

Roger Trentham is offering this opportunity in one hour blocks so you can choose any length of time you wish. Even if you don’t have any photographic equipment and/or long lenses, you can participate in this opportunity as Roger can provide everything you will need including camera equipment.  The entire time you are photographing the birds, Roger will be at your side giving you guidance.

You will be able to photograph the hummingbirds on locally abundant flowers depending on your chosen time period or if you have specific flowers that you want to use bring them with you and we’ll see how the birds respond.  They rarely turn down the opportunity to investigate new flowers.

This all-inclusive opportunity is priced at $95 per hour.  On your first visit Roger can explain the flash setup, flower placement and the many little things that can mean the difference in a good photograph and a great photograph.  The location will be the same one Roger has used for the past three years and where he has taken thousands of photographs of these jeweled torpedoes.  Due to the use of the flashes, only one photographer at a time can photograph the hummingbirds.  Spouses are welcome to come along and keep us company.

Hummingbirds will migrate into the Smoky Mountain area in mid-April.  The birds arrive in breeding plumage and begin nesting in the area in May.  The flashy males will be very active, looking good for the ladies and posing for the cameras.

Book your time now for May 11 through June 30, 2019. Early morning and late afternoons are best as this is when the birds are most active but there are times they come to the flower-set all day.  Weather is not an issue as the flash set-up, cameras and photographers will be covered.  Some of the most interesting photographs can be taken during rain as the birds come in with tiny rain drops on their heads and bodies.

No payment will be required until Roger is confident the birds have arrived and will come to the set-up.  Once the birds are present, Roger will contact you and make final arrangements for payment and schedule your time with the hummingbirds.

Please fill in the following form and click SEND to express your interest in attending.